Women should know ...


... that they have an awesome biology

... that important answers to their health doesn’t lie within the healthcare industry, but lies within themselves, in their menstrual blood

... that blood collection doesn’t have to be time consuming, inconvenient and invasive

... that menstrual blood isn’t waste. It is an asset that can tell you more about health than regular blood

... that having your period means having the opportunity to take control and proactively track your health every month and reveal hidden patterns.


... that all it takes is to change your regular brand of monthly pads into our health tracking menstrual pad (Q-pad) and download our app.

... that Q-pads are just as comfortable and effective as regular pads, but they have technology build in that will enable unique health information to your smartphone

... that you then can monitor your level of vitamins, minerals, cholesterol and blood sugar. You can receive alerts about several types of cancer and venereal diseases that are difficult to detect

... that the true beauty of all this isn’t Qurasense, but that your body gives you the choice to know