We're a startup and we're here to give you the choice to proactively track your health using our health tracking menstrual pad.


You should know ...

… that right now we are developing
blood analysis using menstrual blood as a non-invasive, natural and convenient access to health monitoring and diagnosis.  

… that by embedding technology into menstrual pads we are able to analyse the blood and deliver actionable insights to your health on your smartphone. 

… that our app tracks the menstrual cycle and biomarker levels every month
giving you the choice to know your
health in a convenient,
private and non-invasive way. 

... that you have an awesome biology. Period.


Søren Therkelsen

COO and co-founder

As a serial entrepreneur with a background in business, marketing and sales, Søren has built multiple ventures  and is leading the company's operations and product development.

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Sara Naseri

CEO and co-founder 

As a visionary and a serial entrepreneur with a strong medical background, Sara is collaborating with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Stanford University to conduct groundbreaking research.
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